Visa Letter Request Form - HiPC 2012


Dear HiPC 2012 Participant, 

To facilitate the preparation of a visa invitation letter, please carefully complete the following form. We will send a scanned invitation letter to you by email which can be presented to the consulate when applying for a visa. Allow yourself sufficient time (at least 4 weeks) to procure the appropriate visa from your nearest Indian consulate. 

Please check with the consulate before filling out the form and include any necessary text needed by the consulate in the comments field. Note that this invitation letter may be issued only to attendees who have paid their registration fees in full and are eligible to travel to India. 

HiPC must obtain government clearance before issuing the visa invitation letters. However, the request for the letter may be filed prior to the clearance date (sometime in October), which will facilitate preparation and issuance of the letter as soon as clearance is received. The date on which clearance is received will be posted on the Web, so check there to see when you might expect to receive your invitation letter. 

Thank you, 

HiPC Organizing Committee 

Visa Letter Request
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